How Not to Alienate Business Partners: Part One February 2024 By Moshe Schwartz and Michelle V. J. Johnson


How Not to Alienate Business Partners: A Framework for Addressing Factors Impacting Retention of Defense Contractors November 2023 By Moshe Schwartz and Michelle V. J. Johnson

Keep the focus in procurement on best value products and services for the government August 2023 By Steve Kelman

David Drabkin and Christopher Yukins present at Swedish Public Procurement Conference Video Charts May 2023 By David Drabkin and Christopher Yukins

PRT views regarding Organizational Conflict of Interest policy March 2023 By Procurement Round Table


DoD Bid Protests October 2022 By David Drabkin and Christopher Yukins

Congressionally Mandated Study on Contractor Debarments for Violations of U.S. Labor Laws September 2022 By David Drabkin and Christopher Yukins

Contracting U. 
July 2022 By PRT Director Michael Wooten

Acquisition Policy in the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act: New Direction or Just More of the Same? 
March 2022 By PRT Director Jon Etherton

Competing in Time: Ensuring Capability Advantage and Mission Success through Adaptable Resource Allocation
February 2022 By PRT Director William Greenwalt et al

PRT views on USDA’s February 17, 2022, proposed amendments to the department’s acquisition regulations that include proposed new certifications regarding compliance with federal labor laws April 2022 By Procurement Round Table [Note, the following Directors recused themselves from participating in this letter: David Drabkin and Chris Yukins.]

Previously banned labor law rule for federal contractors comes back into play
June 2022 Interview with PRT Director David Berteau


Response to Request for Information - Methods and Leading Practices for Advancing Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through Government
July 2021 By Procurement Round Table

The argument for preserving the AbilityOne Program
March 2021 By Robert Burton and Craig Barrett



A post-election message from government contractors to America
November 2020, By Steve Kelman

Creating an infrastructure for procurement innovation at DHS
November 2020, By Steve Kelman

Here we go again: 'diversity training' and government contractors
October 2020, By Steve Kelman

Brand Name or Equal: Without 'Equal,' It's Not Competitive
October 2020 By Steven L. Schooner

Re-imagining the small-business mentor-protege model
September 2020, By Steve Kelman

“Warming Up” to Sustainable Procurement
September 2020 By Steven L. Schooner and Markus Speidel

Section 876 – GSA takes welcome steps towards innovation
September 2020, By Roger Waldron

Section 889 implementation: Language changes that may have big consequences
August 2020, By Roger Waldron

Unpriced schedules: Instantly promoting small business opportunities
July 2020, By Roger Waldron

Postscript II: Enhanced Debriefings
May 2020 By Steven L. Schooner

Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2019)
March 2020 By Steven L. Schooner

Enhanced Debriefings: A Toothless Mandate?
February 2020 By Steven L. Schooner


U.S. Government to Award Billions of Dollars in Contracts to Open Electronic Marketplaces to Government Customers—Though Serious Questions Remain
November 2019 By Christopher R. Yukins

Administrative Conference of the United States Launches Study of Agency-Level Bid Protests
August 2019 By Christopher R. Yukins

Mitigating counterfeit, cyber and supply chain risks in the e-commerce pilot
May 2019, By Roger Waldron

e-GSA: Creating opportunities through e-commerce
February 2019, By Roger Waldron

DOD's Section 809 panel proposes a revolution in contracting
January 2019, By Steve Kelman

Barriers to entry in the federal marketplace -- they're not what you think
January 2019, By Steve Kelman

Addressing cyber risks of e-commerce
January 2019, By Roger Waldron


Commercial Products and Services: Raising the Market Research Bar or Much Ado about Nothing?
November 2018 By Steven L. Schooner

Most Effective Acquisition Organization (MEAO)
October 2018, By Dan Jacobs and Lenn Vincent

Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity Contracts: Time to Correlate Practice and Policy?
August 2018 By Steven L. Schooner

How a New Contracting Tool is Shaking Up Federal Procurement
July 2018, By Steve Kelman

Memo to GSA: Contracts with high access fees don’t fly with customers
June 2018, By Larry Allen

DoD cloud strategy: Stifling innovation in the name of innovation
March 2018, By Roger Waldron

False Claims Act: Greater DOJ Scrutiny of Frivolous Qui Tam Actions?
March 2018 By Steven L. Schooner

Meet the contracting folks who are encouraging new IT vendors
March 2018, By Steve Kelman

Urban Myths: Are GSA’s prices fair and reasonable?
January 2018, By Roger Waldron


Questions continue regarding DoD's cloud forecast
December 2017, By Roger Waldron

'Reinventing government', 25 years later
December 2017, By Steve Kelman

Transformation two-step: Challenges for government and industry
November 2017, By Stan Soloway

Could 'microconsulting' disrupt government contracting?
July 2017, By Steve Kelman

Senate attempt to reduce protests misses the point
July 2017, By Stan Soloway

Contract protests up; contract awards down. What to do?
July 2017, By Michael Fischetti

Best-in-class contracts: Where is the classroom?
July 2017, By Roger Waldron

Section 801: Limiting competition to 'increase' competition?
June 2017, By Roger Waldron

Run, don't walk, away from GSA's transactional data reporting rule
April 2017, By Larry Allen

Trump reorganization could improve federal procurement
March 2017, By Roger Waldron

The new Office of American Innovation -- let's give Trump credit
March 2017, By Steve Kelman

OAI: A jump start for procurement innovation
March 2017, By Roger Waldron

PRT Letter of Recommendations to President-Elect Trump
January 2017, PRT Chairman Allan V. Burman, Ph.D with contributions from PRT Officers & Directors


Procurement policy and the transition sweepstakes
December 2016 By Steve Kelman

OFPP and category management: Pressing the pause button
December 2016 By By Roger Waldron

Trump leases his D.C. hotel from a government agency he'll soon be in charge of
November 2016 By Steven L. Schooner and Daniel I. Gordon

Donald Trump's management agenda?
November 2016 By Steve Kelman

Procurement policy world heats up during dog days of summer
August 2016 By Roger Waldron

Transactional Data Reporting: A customary commercial practice?
July 2015 By Roger Waldron

How GSA can make it easier to deliver best value services and solutions
April 2016 By Roger Waldron

Benchmarking Silicon Valley
March 2016 By Michael Fischetti

Why acquisition reformers should follow Willie Sutton's advice
January 2016 By Larry Allen

Say 'yes, if...' not 'no, because...'
January 2016 By Michael Fischetti


NDIA Pathway to Transformation Acquisition Report
December 2014, Co-authored by PRT Director Etherton with contributions from PRT Directors Avetissian and Drabkin

PRT Director Papers to Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on "Improving Defense Acquisition of Goods and Services"
September 2014 By Honorable Jacques S. Gansler

DoD Acquisition Reform, PRT Chairman Letter to SASC and HASC
September 2014

Jon Etherton, Testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee
April 2014

David J. Berteau, Testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee
April 2014


Acquisition Data Needs, PRT Chairman Letter to USD (AT&L)
April 2013


A Toxic Work Environment Threatens Acquisition Personnel Gains
FCW October 2012, by Anne Reed, Daniel I. Gordon and Al Burman

Acquisition: Bridging the Communication Gaps
FCW November 2012, by Anne Reed, Daniel I. Gordon and Al Burman


Democracy's Arsenal (Creating a Twenty-First-Century Defense Industry)
June 2011 By Jacques S. Gansler

A Random Walk: The Federal Circuit's 2010 Government Contracts Decisions
April 2011 By Steven L. Schooner

The Lectern
April 2011 By Steve Kelman

A Versatile Prism: Assessing Procurement Law Through the Principal-Agent Model
March 2011 By Christopher R. Yukins

Emerging Policy and Practice Issues
March 2011 By Steven L. Schooner & David J. Berteau


Structure and Dynamics of the U.S. Federal Professional Services Industrial Base, 1995-2009
November 2010 By David J. Berteau el al

Suing the Government as a 'Joint Employer' -
Evolving Pathologies of the Blended Workforce

October 2010 By Steven L. Schooner el al

Contractors and the Ultimate Sacrifice
September 2010 By Steven L. Schooner el al

Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act, PRT Letter
February 2010

Interagency Contracts (Part I): Overview and Recommendations for Reform
February 2010 By Ralph Nash & Steven L. Schooner


Inherently Governmental Functions: Has the Debate Changed?
October 2009 By Allan V. Burman

Achieving Effective Reform
April 2009 By Steve Kelman & Steven L. Schooner

Public Procurement: Focus on People, Value for Money and Systemic Integrity, Not Protectionism
March 2009 By Steven L. Schooner and Christopher R. Yukins

Acquisition Leadership, PRT Letter
March 2009


Treasury Beware
October 2008 By David Litman


Interagency Contracting, PRT Paper
October 2007

The Blended Workforce
May 2007 By Richard J. Bednar & Gary P. Quigley

Advisory Panel Report to Congress and OFPP
January 2007


A New Approach to Performance-Based Services Acquisition
August 2006 By Vernon Edwards & Ralph Nash

Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent
August 2006 By Shirl Nelson

Crisis of Contracting
April 2006 By Bill Tuttle, Susan Livingstone & Bob Welch


Understanding the Current Wave of Procurement Reform - Devolution of the Contracting Function
June 2005 By Christopher R. Yukins


The Federal Acquisition System: Transitioning to the 21st Century
December 1999

A Briefing Chart on Transitioning to the 21st Century


Competing Federal Commercial Activities: A Critical Time for Congressional Direction
February 1998